One of the possible side effects of the egg donation treatment cycle is bloating. It is caused by the ovaries drawing fluid into the abdominal cavity as they grow, and usually subsides a few days after egg collection. How much donors feel this differs from one woman to another. Some egg donors might feel mildly distended, others might feel as though they are several months pregnant, but most will feel some way between the two.

Egg donors can do a couple of very important things which will minimise the side effects and help considerably to ease any discomfort, both while taking the medication, and after egg collection.

Drink more water

It is recommended that you must try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day when you are on the cycle itself. Straight water is better than diluted fruit drinks, as they contain a lot of sugar and tend to result in weight gain; when you’re drinking this much you will almost certainly notice the difference once the cycle is over!

If this is the only way that you can manage this amount of fluid, then try diluting the fruit drinks as much as you possibly can, but plain water is undoubtedly the best! Water flushes out any toxins that result from the treatment, enables the eggs to develop to be the best quality they can for a couple, and will combat any tiredness and lethargy that you may feel.

Lucozade Sport

As well as drinking lots of water, Lucozade Sport is good to combat the bloating. The one that is most effective is the sugar-free isotonic one, as it balances the electrolytes and any imbalance of fluids caused by the growing ovaries. A couple of bottles a day, one in the morning and again in the evening, should really help.

Generally speaking, the more fluids you can manage to drink during a cycle, the better you will feel and the fewer side effects you will have.

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