One of our Altrui egg donors who struggled to conceive herself tells us how much it means to her to become a donor.

Dreams are funny things aren’t they. You learn from a young age that if you wish upon a star, your dreams can come true. Then I think you get to about age 10, and realise they are all lies!

I mean, I wished mummy would give me sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and that my nanny Evelyn would come back from heaven, of course none of these came true – well maybe the sweetie one when I became an adult, and then wished I hadn’t, as I had bellyache for days…

So what about my adulthood dreams? Healthy-housed-working professional-married-mummy of two wonderfully different and totally amazing daughters!

My perfect dream is complete now and awaiting the ups and downs of parenthood.

I thank my lucky stars, each bed/story-time, I have the privilege of having the mother role I dreamt about! (Even with a pre-pubescent and two year-old tantrum going on at the same time.)

I still can’t believe we nearly settled with just having our elder. Never thought my little wigglebum would ever bless our family; I tried to be grateful that at least I had one child – some don’t even have that opportunity.

Conceived the day we stopped trying, after a long, heartbreaking and cycle-obsessed three years!

It was finally time to be given our gift. Finally my dream had come true: the full stop to our completed family.

So here’s where it breaks my satisfied and fulfilled heart…

A little girl, playing maternally with her dolls, to have that same dream of being a mummy one day too, to suddenly have that dream snatched away. That life-changing status destroyed, due to a cruel reason out of her own control!

So that’s why I wanted to help someone, to give someone back their childhood dream, or at least give them a little hope, that someone out there wants to help a stranger become a mummy too.

We were so very lucky for it to be a success story on my first occasion – it doesn’t always end in a happy positive test, or a scan confirming twins!

My fingers have been constantly crossed since the summer! I can’t help but think about them every day and pray for them to continue maturing until full term, be happy and have a beautiful life.

Let’s hope for two little healthy dreams coming true this summer, for that lucky couple who wished on a star!

I just hope this cycle – a little help – may help another dream come true!