Headline issue

The Daily Mail has published a story under the headlines “Fertility firm offers Cambridge girls £750 for eggs” (newspaper) and “£750 for your eggs: Fertility firm targets Cambridge Uni girls as critics blast company for exploiting ‘financially vulnerable’ students”(website)


The implication from this story is that Altrui has been offering money or using a monetary incentive to entice students into donating their eggs. Altrui totally refutes this allegation and completely stands by its ethical standards and the highest levels of professionalism within a legal framework laid down by the HFEA.

Following discussions with the Daily Mail, on 24th May 2012 they changed the headline to read:

 “Fertility firm appeals to Cambridge University girls for egg donations”

They also added the following rider to the article:

“Since publication, we have been asked by Altrui to make clear that they do not entice or induce donors.They do inform donors of their rights under the law to compensation, but again stress this is not a payment.  Altrui see their role as offering the opportunity for egg donation in this country under full protection and regulation.”

Important points

We would like to make the following points in response; the following bullet points may be attributed as quotes to Alison Bagshawe, Altrui.

In relation to Cambridge University students:

How Altrui works:

Potential egg donors:

Who are the egg donors?

About Altrui

Altrui was started by Alison who is a renowned fertility expert who spent 20 years supporting couples through assisted conception. She provides practical help to couples in the UK who need a donor. She also works hard to raise awareness of the issues surrounding egg donation in an effort to encourage more women to become altruistic donors.

Prior to Altrui being set up in 2010 there was no mechanism in the UK for couples to find altruistic donors. Their only other alternative was to go abroad where they are not protected under UK legislation and regulation.


If you would like further information please visit our website at www.altrui.co.uk or to contact Alison, please email her on alison@altrui.co.uk