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If you’re interested in exploring different aspects and perspectives involved in egg donation and fertility treatment, particularly during a global pandemic, then this free webinar is for you. A variety of experts cover:

  • Egg donation during Covid-19

    Find out how Altrui’s virtual pathways and network of clinics can help recipients and donors get started from home and receive treatment as close to home as possible.

  • Fertility and Covid-19

    An overview of relevant medical information, the vaccine and fertility treatment. Dr Lisa will answer questions such as: “I'm trying to conceive. Should I get the vaccine, or delay pregnancy?”

  • Donor and recipient stories

    What is donating and receiving eggs like in a pandemic? Hear from donors and recipients on their experiences and feelings towards egg donation.

  • Becky Kearns @DefiningMum

    We’ll answer the most frequently asked questions posed by Becky’s 11.5K Instagram followers. You’ll also have the chance to have your questions answered in a safe, supportive and remote environment.

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Jane Holman, Altrui Lead
Jane is the Altrui lead. Her role involves supporting recipients and liaising with partner clinics, alongside leading the services Altrui offers. Jane has over 20 years of clinical fertility experience and she is incredibly passionate about egg donation.

Dr Lisa Stradiotto, General Obstetrics & Gynaecology @Apricity
Dr Lisa Stradiotto has over 15 years of experience in general Obstetrics & Gynaecology, and is one of the Fertility Specialists at Apricity. Her dedicated experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine includes work in both NHS units (at The Chelsea & Westminster Assisted Conception Unit and Queen Charlotte’s, Imperial College, IVF Unit) and also in the private sector. Dr Stradiotto is passionate about her work, and areas of special interest include fertility preservation and egg donation.

Becky Kearns, Fertility blogger @DefiningMum & Paths to Parenthub
Becky is a mum to three beautiful girls thanks to egg donation. ‘Mum’ is a word she feared she would never get the chance to use to describe herself. A diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency led to a long fertility journey including many failed IVF cycles and miscarriage, before she made the momentous decision to build her family using an egg donor. She’s now a successful blogger, speaker and campaigner, supporting and inspiring thousands of women and couples throughout their fertility journeys.

Special guests

Recipient Talk: Fertility treatment during the pandemic. During this talk, you’ll hear first-hand from a recipient who has undergone fertility treatment during Covid-19.

Donor Talk: Donating eggs during a pandemic. Hear from an altruistic donor on her journey of donating eggs during Covid-19, alongside her feelings on egg donation.

About Altrui

We are a small, expert team with over 25 years of experience and the best success rates in the UK (79%), 10 years in a row. Our personal, 1:1 approach makes egg donation simple, straightforward and supported, both for you as well as our wonderful, altruistic egg donors.

About Apricity

We are the next-generation fertility clinic, combining medical excellence with tailored care and the latest technology. Apricity is the treatment arm of Altrui, supporting and guiding donors and recipients through treatment after Altrui makes a match.

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