Inspired by a friend who wrote a Facebook post about egg donation, Vivienne embarked on a journey to donate her eggs. As she rightly mentions, it’s not always easy or straightforward but it’s so worth doing.

How did you learn about egg donation?

I’d been aware of egg donation from my early teens after seeing an advert about it in the newspaper.

Why did you decide to donate via Altrui? 

I had a friend who posted on Facebook about how she’d tried to donate eggs but couldn’t. It was her experience that prompted me to look at Altrui’s website.

What inspired you to donate?

I’m from a large family and I didn’t know anyone personally who had experienced fertility issues. When I was a teenager a friend joked that I’d probably inherited the family “super ovaries” and that got me thinking ‘can I give some of them away?’ That friend’s comment in my teens lead me to be a donor in my early 20s.

What did you enjoy the most about the donation process?

My donation process had several set backs, causing delays which at times was frustrating, but I enjoyed learning about the process and educating myself on fertility issues. A highlight of my journey was getting the beautiful card from my recipients afterwards. I framed it and read it from time to time.

How do you feel when you think about your recipient?

Really positive. The couple I was matched with had a baby boy following my donation. Every year I have a birthday cake for the Egg Baby, who is 5 now. Since my donation I have had two children and I often wonder if Egg Baby looks like either of them. I pray for the family often. I’m so glad I could give them a helping hand on their journey to be a family.

What would you say to someone considering donating their eggs?

It’s not always easy or straightforward but it’s so worth doing. Even if you start the journey and don’t get to the stage of actually being able to donate, you are still making a positive difference. Had my friend not posted about not being a suitable candidate to give her eggs, I wouldn’t have got signed up with Altrui. I’d really recommend being an egg donor. It’s so rewarding.

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