After having children of her own, Lexi was touched by how many people struggle to conceive despite trying. She knew she wanted to help, and felt that the eggs that she wasn’t using every month could make a very meaningful difference to someone else.

How did you learn about egg donation?

From watching a TV documentary.

Why did you decide to donate via Altrui? 

After researching egg donation, I found Alturi. I just loved their passion and ethos so decided to go with them.

What inspired you to donate?

Having two children of my own with no fertility problems, I realised just how lucky I was and how I probably took falling pregnant for granted. Learning how so many woman cannot conceive with their own eggs but longed to be parents- I knew I wanted to help if I could- especially as I had an egg going to ‘waste’ every month.

What did you enjoy the most about the donation process?

Knowing there could be potentially be a lovely new family at the end of it- not just the parents (recipients) but also their parents becoming grandparents and so forth.

How do you feel when you think about your recipient?

Joyful! Knowing she and her partner have beautiful babies that they have longed for.

What would you say to someone considering donating their eggs?

DO IT! It has to be for the right reasons but oh wow- it’s so, so rewarding and humbling.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Altrui were absolutely amazing with me throughout the whole process, from my initial contact, through the egg retrieval process and updating me on the babies birth. It was such an honour to know I have helped a couple become a family and felt guided trough the whole journey from Altrui. THANK YOU!!!

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