Being transgender encouraged Joe to think about how to align family planning with a transition. In his exploration, the extraordinarily kind Joe considered others as well, and wanted to ensure that even if he doesn’t use his eggs in the future, they might bring someone else happiness.

How did you learn about egg donation?

Via a Facebook advert for Altrui.

Why did you decide to donate via Altrui? 

Some of the other options made it look like donors were items in a catalogue for people to choose from which made me really uncomfortable. I liked that Altrui stressed how it supports donors, and that it matches you with recipients directly. It was reassuring to know that support was available – mostly I didn’t need it, but knowing it was there made you feel so much more secure in things.

What inspired you to donate?

Being transgender, I’ve had to think a lot about my own fertility and future family plans and how to align that with my transition. It’s complicated and I’m still unsure about how everything will fit together. I liked the idea that even if I don’t use my eggs in future, they can bring happiness to another family.

What did you enjoy the most about the donation process?

Recovering afterwards with TV and snacks! Or the lovely receptionist at the fertility clinic who kept giving me sweets when I came by for check ups 🙂

How do you feel when you think about your recipient?

There hasn’t been a child from my donation yet, but I think fondly on the recipient couple. It feels like sending a message in a bottle out into the world. I may never hear what happens with it, but hopefully it will bring someone joy!

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