WE LOVE to hear from egg donors, who tend to be (rightfully) extremely proud of how far they’ve gone to change a life.

We have gathered some stories from our amazing egg donors. If you’re thinking about donating eggs yourself, you might find these stories inspiring:


Inspired by a will to give others what she has, Aimee embarked on a journey to donate her eggs. As she rightly mentions, blood, marrow and organ donation is quite well-known, but there is not much awareness around egg donation. Luckily for us, amazing egg donors like Aimee are helping us to change that. Read story


After discovering Altrui while feeding her second daughter, Claire outlines how motherhood inspired her to donate her eggs so that someone else could share her same experience. Read story


After having children of her own, Emilia was touched by some of her family and friends who struggled to conceive. She thoroughly enjoyed the process, in which she was able to donate 19 eggs! Read story 


Being transgender encouraged Joe to think about how to align family planning with a transition. In his exploration, the extraordinarily kind Joe considered others as well, and wanted to ensure that even if he doesn’t use his eggs in the future, they might bring someone else happiness. Read story


After having children of her own, Lexi was touched by how many people struggle to conceive despite trying. She knew she wanted to help, and felt that the eggs that she wasn’t using every month could make a very meaningful difference to someone else. Read story


Louise looks back on her egg donation journey with pride and comfort. She feels that making the impossible possible for someone is one of the very best things she has ever done. Read story


In comparison to the hope and possibility she was giving another family, Millie felt donating eggs was but a small sacrifice. She has nothing but love for the woman who received her eggs, and wishes her the very best. Read story


Natalie looks back on egg donation as ‘the most amazing feeling ever’.  She feels a sense of reward and appreciation when she thinks of her recipient, and treasures the bond they share despite having never met. Read story


Samantha is incredibly proud of being an egg donor, and for good reason! She loves thinking of the family on the receiving end of her donation, and the extraordinarily loved babies that came as a result of her selfless gesture. Read story


Inspired by a friend who wrote a Facebook post about egg donation, Vivienne embarked on a journey to donate her eggs. As she rightly mentions, it’s not always easy or straightforward but it’s so worth doing. Read story

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