Thank you to everyone who attended the Altrui Information Evening on Wednesday and we were so pleased to be able to give an all-round picture of egg donation.

Many people came to the evening and we were so grateful to our fantastic speakers who gave their perspective. One of our amazing donors spoke extremely clearly and openly about her reasons for becoming a donor and choosing to help in this special way. Many of the thoughts and fears about egg donors and donation that recipients generally feel, were put to rest in her extremely reassuring talk about her role in the whole process. We also heard from one of our recipients of donated eggs and she was also able to persuade her husband to talk to us about egg donation from his perspective which was so unique. They were able to give valuable insight into how they dealt with the issues and concerns from both sides when deciding to go down the egg donation route, which many in the audience could relate to. In addition, we were pleased to have a consultant from one of the centres talk about the medical aspects of treatment and screening that donors and recipients can expect, and he answered all the questions about the clinical side of egg donation.

Each speaker was able to impart information, knowledge, thoughts and experiences which were invaluable and a huge thanks to each one of them for giving their time so generously. For those that attended, we hope that the evening answered all of your questions and helped whilst you decide how to move forward on your journey through egg donation.

If you need any more advice, or would like to have a chat about how we can help on a more individual level, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our number is 01969 667875, or you can reach us at Alternatively, we will be attending the Fertility Show on stand H45 in November and look forward to meeting you in person if you prefer.