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Altrui are the UK leaders in egg donation, bringing altruistic egg donors together with people who would love to have a child. We are here to support you on your egg donation journey, whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of egg donation, or already feel ready for us to find the perfect donor.

I am immensely grateful to Altrui for being an organisation of such integrity, and for bringing people like me, who would otherwise not have been able to become pregnant, and their amazing donors together.

TaraEgg Recipient

Why Altrui?

We do things a little differently at Altrui, and we believe that’s one of the reasons behind our 79% pregnancy rate, the highest in the country. Our unique approach puts you and your donor at the centre of everything that we do, ensuring you both have the right information, support and medical care to give you the best chances of success.

  • Ten years of the best success rates in the UK

    For ten years in a row, Altrui have had the best success rates in the UK, reaching 79% this year.

  • Cost-effective

    You will receive all of the eggs from your donor’s altruistic donation, increasing the overall chances of pregnancy and genetically-related siblings

  • No travel abroad

    Thanks to our virtual pathways and network of clinics, recipients and donors alike can get started from home and receive treatment as close to home as possible

  • 1:1 Matching

    Our personalised matching ensures we find donors who meet your specific requirements. We're able to share extensive information on your donor, more than you would get anywhere else.

  • Recommended by the HFEA

    We are proud to be one of the few recommended on the HFEA website

  • Excellent chances of pregnancy for women 40+

    Statistics recently published by the HFEA show that for women over 40, IVF with donor eggs is over seven times more likely to result in pregnancy.

All about receiving eggs

We aim to give you as much non-identifying information as we can about your egg donor, and it will be significantly more than you will get from anywhere else. When you have been matched with a donor, you will receive her physical characteristics, information about her background, whether she has children and when possible, a photograph of the donor as a baby or a child up to the age of six. You will also receive a personal profile,  written by the donor in her own words, giving an insight into her character and sharing her reasons for donating eggs.

We take huge pride and care in our 1:1 matching process. We have an extensive conversation with you at the outset to understand what is important to you, from physical characteristics and heritage, to personality and values. Our aim is to ensure, as far as possible, that a child conceived from a donor will fit into your family. Aside from matching your criteria, it is important for us to find you someone we think you would like if you knew her, and who would like to give her help to you if she knew you.

Our emphasis is on getting egg donation right for you and for any future child, so there is no waiting list as such but as soon as a possible donor comes in for you, we let you know. The matching process is key for us and therefore it makes it difficult to give an accurate prediction of exactly how long this might take. For some we have been able to offer a really fantastic donor extremely quickly, whilst for others it has taken a few months before the right person comes forward. Generally speaking however, we are normally able to find a suitable egg donor within 6 months, and very often far quicker.

Discover Donation with Altrui

We recently held a webinar in partnership with fertility blogger Defining Mum. We examined donor conception from different perspectives: from an egg donor recipient, a fertility counsellor, Altrui’s lead, an egg donor a donor-conceived adult, a fertility specialist, and an egg donation author. Watch the event below:

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