The decision to become an egg donor recipient is not made lightly: we understand how important the journey is to our egg donor recipients and we want to keep you fully aware of how the process works.

Child and family centred – our primary concern is for your future child to have compatible characteristics with you and your family on every level: physically and in terms of personality. The process is personalised yet anonymous as egg donors will give details of non-identifying information that we then use to match with you according to your specific needs. Put simply, we are experts at finding the right fit for your family.

Finding an egg donor

We streamline the process of finding an egg donor as trying to find an egg donor on your own can take up a lot of time, emotional energy and focus. We alleviate some of that stress by using our expert matching techniques to not only find you a willing egg donor, but the right match for you.

Our process is to match you with an anonymous egg donor whose eggs are donated exclusively to you in that donation treatment cycle. To help you feel comfortable with the match we have carefully selected for you, we gather as much non-identifying information as we can about both you and your egg donor so you can be fully informed and comfortable with the match we have chosen. In the event you are not happy with a potential match, we will respect your personal choice and continue to search for the right person for you. It is important to us that you are happy and comfortable during the entirety of the process.

How long will it take?

Our reputation means we have requests for women willing to donate their eggs and this helps to make the process as time efficient as possible.

Our average waiting time from you booking in with us to us finding you an egg donor is 6 weeks. Times can vary according to individual requirements, and this does not include the medical treatment, however we are committed to streamlining the process as much as possible.

Due to our commitment to finding the most ideal match, our waiting times are only estimates that do not conform to a ‘list’ and can therefore vary. This is because we might be able to match you with the right donor quicker than anticipated and if so, you need to be prepared to continue into donor IVF treatment promptly. Ultimately, we will only match you with an egg donor if they are the right fit for you and your family to give both you and the future child the happy life you deserve.

Who will they be?

We want to match you with somebody you would like. While their anonymity is protected, the detailed non-identifying information we receive and the liaison we have with either party puts us in the best position to select a compatible egg donor.

We can accommodate requests to find egg donors from specific cultures and heritages, however due to the bespoke nature of the request, you should enquire first about our availability and your options.

How do we recruit egg donors?

All our egg donors are from the UK and nobody is brought in from abroad to donate. Frequent monitoring appointments are needed during a donation cycle so flexibility around which clinic you are prepared to receive treatment from is conducive to completing the process successfully.

We also ask for help from women by raising awareness of the need for egg donors to the right demographic. We advertise the need to find altruistic young women to donate their eggs and guide them with due diligence to ensure they are fully prepared for what the process involves.

Are egg donors committed?

We don’t rush the support and preparation stage because we respect the altruism of egg donors and want to pair you with somebody who is fully committed to completing the process. The statistical chances of an egg donor discontinuing the process when it is underway is very low. In the unlikely event a donor withdraws for any reason, we endeavour to find you another suitable donor at no extra charge. It must be emphasised that all our egg donors are fully prepared for the commitment they are making, and we would only pair you with someone who is 100% certain they will be able to complete the process.

Our egg donor process is robust and expertly designed to match you with the right egg donor for your family. It is highly unlikely we wouldn’t be able to offer you a donor at the end of the year contract period, however if this is the case, you would be entitled to a full refund of the initial fee (as set out in our Agreement).