Egg donation with Altrui not only offers you the best chance of getting pregnant but we also care about your family in the future.

Our whole ethos at Altrui is not just to get egg donation right for our donors and recipients but, most importantly, for any child, or children, that may be born. Whilst we are fully focused on helping you to get pregnant, we also look longer term which is why we have taken such care in planning the way Altrui works and what makes us so different.

UK Egg Donation

We believe that by finding altruistic egg donors in the UK we are providing the very best for you and your family. This is partly because of the carefully considered regulatory structure in place (HFEA), which makes egg donation so safe for both donors and recipients. Given that children born from donor eggs or sperm in the UK have a legal right to find out about their donor when they reach 18, we wanted to get everything right from the outset with the future child in mind.

Donor Information

We totally support the principal of allowing children from donated gametes to find out as much as they can, or need, about their genetic origins. This is both for their own sense of identity and for medical reasons that might become necessary in the future, which is why we advocate egg donation in the UK. It is also why we provide such a comprehensive set of information about your donor to you. This not only allows you to learn something about her yourself but also gives you a great deal for you to tell a child when you feel the time is right.


When we match you with a donor we are doing so with the child in mind. We are not just trying to meet certain standard criteria. Our aim is to ensure, as much as we can, that a future child will fit comfortably into your family. We would like him or her to have characteristics in common with you not just physically but in personality as he or she grows up in your family. (Read more about ‘Matching Your Egg Donor‘)


We know that some of you would like to go beyond having just one child to create a larger family. Altrui’s exclusive one-to-one egg donation policy enables excess embryos (blastocysts) to be frozen for your future use. 81% of our recipients have the potential, through frozen blastocysts, to have a family where all the children are genetically related. The exciting part for us is that we are now seeing families with 2, and even 3, children from one kind donor who donated many years ago through Altrui.  It is the perfect solution for recipients wishing to have a family and we believe this is unique to Altrui in the UK.