Altrui Egg Donation is the first organisation of its kind in the UK, setting the gold standard in egg donation. Our success rates are the best in the country and our paramount care is second to none.

You may be wondering what sets Altrui apart from egg banks. This is an excellent question. If  you’re considering the help of an egg donor to help you have a child, it’s important that you understand the difference between Altrui and egg banks. This page outlines just that.

  1. 1:1 Donation

With egg banks in the UK, you are likely to purchase a set number of eggs for your treatment (or the treatment of a surrogate). These are almost always a share of the eggs a woman has donated, and will be split amongst several recipients. In this respect, Altrui does not operate as an egg bank. Instead, Altrui matches each recipient or recipient couple with one donor, and all of that donor’s eggs are given to the recipient. This is called 1:1 donation.

1:1 donation maximises chances of success, allows for genetically-related siblings, and is often the most cost-effective option for fertility treatment using donor eggs. Unlike egg banks, all  donors in Altrui’s 1:1 donation are ‘direct donors’, women who donate eggs and are not undergoing any fertility treatment themselves.

  1. Fresh eggs, not frozen eggs

Most egg banks provide frozen eggs. While this means that less coordination is required, fresh donor cycles have shown higher success rates than frozen. There are several reasons for this.

Additionally, only a proportion of frozen eggs will survive the thawing (defrosting) process. Even though thawing procedures are becoming more efficient and advanced, it is unlikely that 100% of frozen eggs would survive the thaw.

Fresh eggs can be mixed with sperm as soon as they are collected to fertilise into embryos. The first embryo implanted would never need to be frozen, and surplus, good-quality embryos can be frozen for later use. Frozen embryos survive thawing better than frozen eggs.

  1. Donor information

Egg banks vary in the level of information they offer about a donor. Altrui provides as much information as possible on your donor, considerably more than you would get anywhere else. This includes physical attributes, information about her background, whether she has children, a personal profile written by your potential egg donor and if possible, a photograph of her as a baby or small child.

You won’t find another egg bank in the UK that will provide this level of detailed information. Aside from matching your criteria, it is important for us to find you someone we think you would really like, if you knew her.

  1. Unique care

We believe that finding an egg donor should not feel transactional. We are here from the start to give you all the information you need to help decide if egg donation is the right decision for you.

If it is, we’ll be there for you at every step – to make the perfect match, to pair you with an excellent clinic, to look after your donor and ensure that everyone has the best experience possible.

  1. Success rate

We believe that our tailored approach is what makes us stand out from egg banks. Our results speak for themselves – we have had the best success rates in the UK, ten years in a row. Our egg donors are incredibly proud, and together have helped to create hundreds of happy families across the UK.

  1. Convenient treatment options

Our partnership with Apricity means that, should you choose one of our treatment pathways, you’ll be looked after by the same company throughout your entire journey. Unlike larger London egg banks or fertility centres, you’ll be able to choose bespoke options as unique as you.

Egg donation journeys are incredibly personal, and we are here to provide you with all the information required to make an informed decision. If you have any questions on how Altrui work or how we differ to egg banks in London and the UK, please do not hesitate to register your interest and we will get back to you with more information.