After many tests, doctors and feeling lost, Rachel talks about how important it felt to her finally to find somewhere that could talk to her about egg donation in a way she understood.

She describes some of her journey with Altrui and how she was concerned about the egg donation process.

Rachel talks about how much it mattered to her to get the right donor and Altrui’s ability to find an egg donor who would match her.

Finally she says how much the gift she was given by her egg donor totally changed her life with the birth of her daughter.

I have to admit I didn’t so much choose Altrui as Altrui found me. When my problems were definitively diagnosed it was after a really long time of being lost in the NHS system and I’d seen doctor after doctor and had test after test, which was all very inconclusive and I was completely lost.

I did get in touch with Altrui and, for me, it was absolutely fantastic, because finally there was somebody who was able to talk to me in a way I could understand. I was so relieved to finally find people that I felt were on my side and, whether the news was good or whether the news was bad, whatever the outcome was going to be, they were going to be able to deal with me with compassion and in a way I understood. That was just a great thing. A lot of my concerns were to do with the nature of the donation and the suitability of the donor, which I felt very reassured about, because the Altrui procedure was quite understandable to me.

I mean, obviously, I was concerned whether it would work or not and obviously, you very much do want it to work, but really, I felt that I’d been given such a great opportunity by somebody else’s gift. You have a very professional service to screen donors and make sure that they’re properly compatible with you, which is, obviously, a massive thing.

Really, why it matters, it just matters to get the right donor. It can’t not matter. Having a family has meant everything to me. My daughter is still very young and we’re just having the most fantastic time with her. Again, it’s so hard to put into words, because having had my daughter; I can see now already that it really has just made my life. Since she’s arrived I’ve woken up every morning grateful and, I can honestly say, every morning happy, so far. Maybe that will wear off, but who knows, I don’t think so, I really don’t think so.