Kate read an article when she was 15 which gave her the resolve to change someone’s life through egg donation.

She wanted to make a difference and was adamant that she could help give someone the ultimate gift of donated eggs to give them the chance of having their own family.

She did a lot of research before becoming an egg donor and came through Altrui because of the information, contact and support that was given throughout the egg donation process.

Given that there are many reasons why some women need the help of an egg donor, she feels that everyone should have the chance of having a family, and the process of egg donation was easy.


I read an article when I was 15 and that was about a woman that couldn’t have children and I said to my mother then that one day I would do something to make a difference, as until then I’d never even thought about it, to be honest. But yes, I did, I was adamant that one day I’d be able to help someone and give them that ultimate gift and let them have their family.

I think everyone should be able to have a home to go to where they have their family. 

I did a lot of research and most of the websites I went to took me straight to Altrui. I literally had phone numbers I could call at any time in the day, if there were any problems, be it silly questions about what was going on. Honestly, they were emailing, calling, you couldn’t ask for a better support network for anything.

The first time I did my injection, it was at 8:30 at night, I was, “It’s really going to hurt,” and she literally talked me through the whole process. She was literally on the other end of the phone while I did it. I can’t fault how amazing they are.

I have spoken to a few people who have wanted to become egg donors and all I can do is tell them about the experience, what it is and the feeling that you get afterwards, of knowing that you’ve done something that’s so amazing and that the process isn’t as scary as you think it’s going to be.

Most people are just worried about going through it and afterwards, it isn’t painful. That’s the general thing that people say, “Well, if I do egg donation, will it hurt?” It genuinely doesn’t. The love I feel for my children, why shouldn’t someone else feel that?

When you think so many women, if it’s due to cancer, hereditary problems, there are so many medical reasons why women can’t have children and I just feel everyone should have what I have with my kids.