Egg donation is a journey that calls for a high level of commitment on your part, and a clear understanding of everything that will be involved. At Altrui we will explain the egg donation process and exactly what you can expect along the way. We will give you all the time and information that you want and encourage you to discuss being an egg donor with partners, family and friends, before deciding whether or not this is the right choice for you to make.

It is important that you are sure as you can be, of your decision to go ahead with egg donation. The person we will match you with is likely to have had many years of disappointment and heartache trying to conceive a baby and experiencing with a growing sense of loss and despair with every month that goes by.

Finding someone like you, who is willing to become a donor for them, can seem like the end of a nightmare – a real light at the end of their tunnel that gives them hope and the first chance of happiness for years.

We completely understand that sometimes ‘life’ and unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of plans, and that little can be done to change this. If this happens, and you feel that you can’t go ahead with donating eggs then of course you have the right to withdraw at any time. However, we do need to know so that we can help you and manage the situation to look after the person who you were due to help. Sometimes putting things on hold for a little time can help ease the pressure you might feel, without causing undue stress and anxiety for anyone else.

We will never put you under any pressure to continue, but you do need to understand that once you start the egg donation process and have been referred in to clinic, there will be significant costs for whoever you’re helping, both financial and emotional. All we can ask of you as an egg donor is that you recognise the serious thought and commitment that is needed, and the emotional impact that withdrawing later on in the process will have on others.

So, if you do decide that perhaps donating eggs is not right for you, then we would much rather you told us before we begin the process of matching you with a couple, and certainly before any appointment at a clinic.