The first Christmases … they’re either very special or very difficult.

New relationships, new babies, new pets, new homes – they are all fabulous.

But, the first Christmas without a loved one, the first Christmas as a divorcee, the first Christmas you have to work all day and miss your family, the first Christmas your child doesn’t come home to join you—they’ve got to be the hardest.

This is an Xmas message from one of our egg donors to the family she helped give birth to their baby boy:

Mother holding a baby by the side of a Christmas tree. Baby's first Christmas

But this year, I know I have given someone their very own special first Christmas. There’s a little baby boy out there with my DNA but his own incredible family who couldn’t have children of their own. I’ve given them their first Christmas with their 4 month old baby who they never thought they would be able to have. That’s quite an honouring feeling. HAPPY BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS TO MY RECIPIENTS. You are truly amazing people and I wish you all, mum, dad, grandparents, uncles, aunties, and family friends a lifetime of love and happiness at Christmas and all year through XX