The Fertility Podcast interviews three Altrui egg donors.

We were thrilled to have been featured in a very special edition of the Fertility Podcast. In the episode, host and founder Natalie Silverman is joined by three women to discuss their experience of donating their eggs through Altrui.

The Fertility Podcast is the UK’s leading podcast on fertility issues. Aiming to empower individuals who are trying to conceive, the Fertility Podcast bridges the gap between the industry and those seeking information. Having produced more than 160 episodes, the podcast is hugely popular, entertaining and informative.

In this bonus episode, Natalie speaks to Faye, Debbie, and Jade— three women who selflessly donated their eggs to women and couples otherwise unable to have children. The three women talk about their own motivations for becoming an egg donor, their reasons for choosing Altrui, their experience of the egg donation procedure and, most importantly, the unique feeling of having changed someone’s life.

Faye, a police officer and regular blood donor, had personally witnessed close friends battle through fertility struggles before seeking information on egg donation. ‘I kind of felt that if it was surplus to my requirements at this time, I would hate to think that I could deny somebody else the opportunity to have a family’, she comments.

Mother-of-two, Debbie describes the egg-donation process with Altrui as quick, supportive, and personal. In contrast to myths revolving around egg donation, Debbie described the process as quick and simple: ‘Once you have match, it’s weeks!’ An avid traveller, Debbie says she was delighted to learn that she was matched with another keen traveller.

Jade already had three children when she became an Altrui donor. The process in some of the clinics felt very impersonal, Jade believes, as if eggs were put ‘in the freezer and dished out as and when people needed them’. With Altrui it felt a lot more personal… ‘like there was somebody actually on the other end waiting’. She is so pleased with her donation that she is determined to donate eggs as many times as she can to help others.

All these altruistic and kind women donated their eggs solely on compassionate grounds. They broke through the stigma of egg donation with all the myths around it and reached out to Altrui to have their questions and concerns answered. In the end they found a community and a family in Altrui.

If you have enquiries about egg donation or wish to become a donor, don’t hesitate to send us a message by email, text to 07972511097 or call us on 01969 667875  – we’d love to hear from you! At Altrui, we firmly believe that egg donation process should be a simple, pleasant, and warm experience for the individuals who wish to make the dream of those wanting to have their own babies come true. Our main objective is to deliver bespoke support to both the donor and the recipient and make them feel a valued member of our community, rather than just a number.