Matching your egg donor

We understand that an important part of coming to terms with egg donation is feeling that care has been taken to match you with a suitable egg donor – one with whom you would feel comfortable. The fact that the donor will almost always be anonymous to you makes it even more important for us to get this right.

To help us do this, we will ask you for a photograph of yourself on your own and one of you together if you are a couple. We will do the same with those women who are prepared to become egg donors, and this is the starting point for the matching process.

We base our matching on two broad areas:

1. Your physical characteristics

In registering with us you will have given us details of your physical characteristics on the registration form. We try and use these to match your egg donor with you through:

  • General build
  • Height
  • BMI
  • Eye Colour
  • Hair colour
  • Skin tone
  • Ethnicity & Heritage

2. Your backgrounds

We also try to try to match your egg donor with you as much as possible with other aspects, including:

  • Education, Qualifications and Occupation. We ask egg donors their level of education, including further training, degree or professional registration. We also find out similar information about her siblings and parents. Some of our egg donors are young mums who chose to have children early instead of professional training or degree. We take all this into account when matching, once we understand them in their wider family context.
  • Interests and hobbies. A subjective assessment. This will be based on the commonalities of personality and character. This includes attributes such as sense of humour, love of animals, life experiences etc.

Please note that the information we use is based solely on that provided by the egg donor and is not verified by any documentation. The Licensed Treatment Centre will obtain medical documentation on the egg donor.

How we help you to find an egg donor in the UK

We completely understand what a stressful time this will be for you, and so we are here to support you and take as much of the strain off your shoulders as we can.

At Altrui we can offer an egg donation programme that is personally tailored to meet your needs, with highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals ready to help find and recruit an egg donor for you alone. There are two principal strands to our recruitment, which make it so effective:

Because of our excellent reputation for supporting and caring for our egg donors, we have many interested women contact us via email, telephone or through our website. This can sometimes enable us to match you with an egg donor very quickly indeed. People often ask how long it will take, and although it is difficult to pinpoint, we can usually find a suitable donor within 3-4 months. By concentrating on a variety of marketing and advertising channels, we work hard to raise the profile of the need for egg donors and increase the public awareness of what egg donation really means to people like yourself.

Given that searching for an egg donor on your own can take up a lot of time and energy, as well as being an emotionally draining experience should your efforts be unsuccessful, we believe that our involvement removes the necessity and discomfort of having to approach friends and family and opens up every possible avenue to finding an egg donor.

Whichever direction you decide to take, we will then assess, screen and support all the potential egg donors to find you a suitable match. We will also make sure that they understand exactly what is involved in donating eggs, and the level of commitment that is expected of all parties throughout the process.

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