How we assess & prepare egg donors

Recruiting an altruistic egg donor is both complex and time consuming. It requires knowledge, skill, sensitivity and a deep level of understanding to take a woman from the point where she is expressing an early interest, to the position where she is fully prepared to become an actual egg donor – ready, committed, suitable and fully aware of what to expect.

Being able to call upon our combined expertise in this situation is the massive underlying quality of Altrui and where our true value lies.

We are perfectly placed to offer every potential egg donor the guidance and support they need to make an informed decision. This takes years of experience to do well and is what we refer to as ‘due diligence’.

There are three main phases involved when finding an egg donor:

  • Engaging in concerted and continuous advertising and marketing to raise awareness of the need for young altruistic women in the UK. All our egg donors are UK residents; they are not brought in from abroad.
  • Give and receive comprehensive information and guidance, to all potential donors supported by knowledge, experience and patience. Through this process, Altrui assesses the suitability of all prospective donors and ensures that donors are well prepared for what to expect.
  • Provide ongoing support throughout the entire egg donation treatment cycle, being on call, offering logistical help with travel arrangements, prompt reimbursement of expenses and access to a designated person at Altrui for reassurance and advice.

Because we value, respect and appreciate all our egg donors for the kindness and generosity they have shown, once we have found a suitable egg donor, it is unlikely that they will withdraw from the cycle or be turned down by the clinic on the grounds of unsuitability.

It normally takes around eight weeks to take a person through this process to the point of being able to put her forward to a recipient as an potential egg donor.

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