How long it takes to find an egg donor

Generally speaking we have been able to find all most all of our clients a suitable egg donor within 6 months, and very often within 3 to 4 months.  In special circumstances, such as when searching for an egg donor from a specific heritage or culture, who are very rare, recipients need to contact us directly to check about availability of potential donors and learn of the options open to them.

Of course luck can always be on your side; even if you have just registered with us, a donor could come in from our recruiting who is a perfect match for you.  That is the way it works – and it often does!  There is no waiting list at Altrui, everything hinges purely on the strength of the match.

The suitability of a potential match is also based on other, identifying information about the donor that we can’t share, such as where she is geographically located in the UK.  Whilst it may not be obvious from the information you are able to know of her, it can be an important factor.  To expedite the search for a really good match for you it is helpful to know whether you are able to be flexible about which clinic you would be referred into.  Some have satellite units around the country that are locally and more easily accessible to a donor who would otherwise need to be discounted through distance from clinic, despite being a great match.

Should a donor drop out of treatment for any reason, we will endeavour to find another donor at no extra charge.

Without exception, at Altrui we will do everything within our power to find and carefully match an egg donor who is right for you.  We will not put a donor forward unless we are sure that you are similar and share common ground, character and personality.  Of course, if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with the match we put forward, we will discuss ways that we can try to get it better for you.

In the unlikely event of us not being able to offer you a donor by the end of the contract period of 1 year, then you will of course be entitled to a full refund of the initial fee (as set out in our agreement).

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