Egg donation with Altrui

Our ‘one donor to one recipient’ policy means that when we have carefully matched you to an Altrui egg donor, they will only donate exclusively to you. You will not share eggs with other recipients, as is the case with most egg donation (or egg-sharing) in the UK and abroad.

There are many reasons why having an exclusive altruistic egg donor in the UK is in your best interests:

  • The best embryos can be selected for replacement, which gives you the highest chance of a pregnancy (currently 70-75% at one of the clinics).
  • Should you not succeed in getting pregnant with one fresh IVF cycle, you may have the potential of using frozen embryos from the same egg donor and not have to start all over again with a different egg donor, with all the related costs.
  • It is the most cost effective option for you. Having one exclusive egg donor means you could potentially have several opportunities to become pregnant. This is considerably less expensive than having the same number of cycles with all the associated costs anywhere else.
  • If your egg donation is successful, you may have the opportunity of having further genetically and biologically related siblings in the future.
  • Any child will have the right to access identifying information about their egg donor in the future.

Allowing Altrui to help you find an egg donor means that you can undergo your treatment at a clinic of your choice right here in the UK. As well as being a more convenient and cost-effective process, it will also give you the confidence knowing you will receive ongoing care from a team you know, your egg donor has been through fully regulated screening, and you will benefit from the full protection of UK law.

As Alison, the founder of Altrui, says:

“If I needed donated eggs I know that I would be very fussy about where I went for help and who I trusted to help me. I would have a myriad of questions and would want to be assured that whomever I was dealing with really knew what they were talking about and had the knowledge and experience to do things properly.

Although I admit that primarily I would be looking for a donor who was a great match with me and with whom I felt a connection, I would also be concerned that the donor was being well looked after and cared for and really appreciated for her extraordinary generosity in making such an amazing gesture. I would want to feel that the people I was turning to for help cared enough to get it right for me.

In starting Altrui, that is exactly what I have set out to provide. My aim at all times is to offer exactly what I would want if I was in your position.”

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