Egg donation options

Unless you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member willing to become an egg donor, these are the other options available to you:

  • Find your own altruistic egg donor in the UK through Altrui.
    At Altrui we can help you to find an anonymous altruistic donor right here in the UK – someone who will donate her eggs exclusively to you.
    Naturally we believe this option offers many benefits:
    – The ability to find out specific (non identifying) information about the donor.
    – An opportunity for careful matching on physical characteristics, background and personality.
    – The possibility of genetically related siblings further down the line.
    With Altrui acting as an intermediary between yourself and the donor, you can have great confidence in the process and its positive outcome, as well as peace of mind knowing your donor is being given the care and support they need.

Please visit Egg Donation with Altrui to gain a full understanding of the many advantages this option offers.

  • Egg-sharing programmes.
    Egg-sharing programmes (usually misleadingly called egg donation) are available at a number of licensed clinics throughout the UK. This process involves paying for another woman’s cycle of IVF in exchange for a share of the eggs collected. As the name suggests, this may also be in conjunction with a third person needing the donated eggs as well. Egg sharing does not, of course, give you the same benefits as an exclusive altruistic egg donor, but this route may be preferable if you want an egg donor from Asia, India or another ethnic minority group, as egg donors from these groups can take longer to find.
    To find out which clinics in the UK offer this treatment contact


  • Egg donation overseas
    Many couples visit Europe or the USA in search of an egg donor, often in the mistaken belief that there are no egg donors available here in UK. This is obviously not the case, as proven by the many amazing women who have come forward and donated their eggs through Altrui over the last few years. It is therefore only necessary to go abroad if you have a good reason, or a desire to do so. If you wish to have the protection afforded by UK legislation and would like to enable any future child the right to identifying information about their donor, then either option 1 or 2 may be preferable for you.
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