The leading experts in egg donation

With over 25 years’ experience, Altrui is the only independent organisation in this country who proactively helps people in need of donor eggs to find an altruistic egg donor here in the UK.

We will make your egg donation journey as personal, successful and as easy for you as we can. The way we have structured Altrui with the child in mind gives you the highest chance of becoming pregnant and creating your family.

Our donors are second to none and are genuinely the kindest people you could hope to meet.

Each and every one just wants to help.

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Super news, today we took a home pregnancy test & for the first time ever it was a positive result. We are so so happy 🙂 We’ve been to the clinic for blood tests, and will repeat in 48hrs to check everything is OK with the medication levels I’m taking. So still feeling very surreal.

Laura - Egg Recipient

Knowing that I could help someone to have a family has made me very proud of myself. I’ve encouraged friends to consider doing the same. Being able to have children is something a lot of ladies take for granted – I do my best to make sure that those near me think about those who can’t have children of their own and how we can help. I will never forget what I have done.

Irene - Egg Donor

Egg donation is one of the best things I have done. The feeling I got knowing I was helping someone else have a chance at the family they dreamed of was amazing. I found the process very easy and always felt well informed, supported and appreciated throughout by both Altrui and the clinic.

Charlotte - Egg Donor

My husband and I would like to express our immense happiness and gratitude to Altrui for their assistance during our difficult journey to become parents. This has been for us a difficult but wonderful experience that has enabled our dream to become mother and father to come true. Thank you very much Altrui.

Sylva - Egg Recipient

We cannot explain how grateful and how much we appreciate everything you and the donor has done for us. This time 8 years ago I was told I would never have children due to the early menopause in my 20s and to think that I am actually pregnant is a dream come true. I will obviously keep you updated throughout, thanks again.

Sarah - Egg Recipient

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