The leading experts in egg donation

With over 25 years’ experience, Altrui is the only independent organisation in this country who proactively helps people in need of donor eggs to find an altruistic egg donor here in the UK.

We will make your egg donation journey as personal, successful and as easy for you as we can. The way we have structured Altrui gives you the highest chance of becoming pregnant.

Our donors are second to none and are genuinely the kindest people you could hope to meet.

Each and every one just wants to help.

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Our son was born two days ago. He is absolutely perfect. We’ve been enjoying getting to know him and being a family. I can’t tell you how happy we are ;0) Thank you once again for all your help and especially to our donor – there is just no way to put how we feel into words.

Caroline - Egg Recipient

We cannot believe that in just 2 short months you have brought us such a donor. She is perfect, both in physicality as well as in her characteristics and interests. What a cutie as a child too!

Susan - Egg Recipient

I have always had the best advice/information from Altrui (far better than from medics), always clear practical and compassionate but also enitrely professional and with appropriate confidentiality. Sadly, there is no ‘magic wand’, but my experience is that Altrui will do their very best for you, and can get amazing results.

Rachael - Egg Donor

Thank you to everyone at Altrui for taking such good care of me. You have been super stars!! You helped to fulfil my dream of becoming an egg donor and I couldn’t have done it without your kindness, support and dedication.

Kirsty - Egg Donor

Thank you and the whole team for everything you have done for us and for taking the effort of looking for a matching donor and finding us this really, really special donor! What a strong and good personality she has – also considering her young age – actually I still can’t get my head round to what she has done for complete strangers!!?

Eve - Egg Recipient

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