Altrui is small and unique

We are the only independent organisation in this country who proactively help couples in need of donated eggs to find an altruistic egg donor right here in the UK.

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My egg collection went very smoothly and, minus feeling a tad uncomfortable, I feel fine! Altrui have made me feel like a true super-hero. Thank you for being there 24/7 and of course this all goes to the hospital too! Even though my journey is now complete they have reassured me they will keep in contact. I have absolutely loved hearing that my couple are overwhelmed and cannot describe how grateful they are. Although it’s anonymous it feels like there are always personal touches. I can only hope that my eggs will now work their magic and I wish my recipients all the luck in the world.

Liz - Egg Donor

I highly recommend any woman considering becoming a donor to get in touch with Altrui. They give a clinical process the human touch and that means the world. I know already that I want to do this again one day and know who to contact to make sure it goes as well as this time. Just knowing that I’ve helped give someone the potential to carry a child of their own is all the thanks I need and I know 100% that this was the right thing to do.

Chloe - Egg Donor

The process really was so easy and painless. The information, support, advice and help is second to none and Altrui and the clinic cannot do enough. It was a pleasure to help and really didn’t involve too much, everything was so simple.

Liz - Egg Donor

Everyone was so lovely, open and approachable that until they make the process even simpler there was very little I would change. I found the experience of being a donor so rewarding. I met lots of amazingly nice people and have just about conquered my fear of needles!

Kirsty - Egg Donor

This has been an amazing experience. Altrui have been fantastic and so helpful, they have gone above and beyond my expectations. The injections were not as bad as you would think and I found the procedure to be completely pain free. I would do it all over again in a heart beat!

Kay - Egg Donor

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