November 25, 2016

Egg Donation on BBC Radio Tees

We have crazy weeks and crazy weeks here at Altrui and this is usually generated by our fantastic donors. So no surprise that our time has been taken up with the knock on from Zoe and Amelia Abby’s rise to fame and the BBC involvement!

Many recipients ask us the question “Why would anyone want to donate eggs” others say “Are there REALLY people out there who are altruistic?” and “What sort of people want to do this?” These questions are succinctly answered by two of our Altrui donors who, for different reasons, have kindly donated some eggs to recipients.

But both have given even more than they know.

The knock on effect has been an overwhelming response from new donors to Zoe’s blog, Amelia Abby’s articles in the national newspapers – the Mirror, followed by The Sun, which has all resulted in an interview with BBC Tees with Alison and Zoe:

So between them, Zoe and Amelia Abby have done more for raising the awareness that we need egg donors in the UK, that it’s a simple and straight forward process, and that Altrui it the organisation that looks after donors, than anyone else put together.

YES, there ARE women out there who will help and the most massive thanks to you both and all donors thinking about this, for being those special people you are. AWESOME!


Does gamete donation need an overhaul?

It is disappointing to read about the closure of the National Sperm Bank (NSB) as its success could have helped many more people have a family using UK-donated sperm (see BioNews 875). As has been well documented, in the past it has not been easy to recruit either sperm or egg donors in this country. […]

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Does Smoking Affect Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a great way to help a couple achieve their hopes of becoming parents. Donating the healthiest eggs possible gives a recipient the best chance to become pregnant. Are you a smoker who would like to donate some of your eggs? If you’d like to find out how smoking affects the outcome of […]

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Assumptions people make about older mothers needing an egg donor – often wrong!

As a child I was bullied mercilessly and since then it takes a lot for me to trust people. Being with someone in an intimate way is a huge trust issue and, because of the bullying, I have waited to find that right person. I realised in my early forties that perhaps I needed to […]

Being an Egg Donor can be Life Changing – and not just for the recipient

Donating eggs can totally change the life of a woman (or couple) who would love to be a mother but will never have the chance of having a family without the help of a donor. However, egg donation can itself be equally life changing for some donors, who can find that the process takes her […]

Why some women become altruistic egg donors

Many recipients have themselves been through the IVF process and therefore, although it is different for them, they have an appreciation of what is asked of donors when they donate eggs. So we are frequently asked the same question: “Why do women do this?” “What motivates them?” To answer this question we went back to […]

PGD and Egg Donation

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) with egg donation enables people who have a genetic disorder to avoid passing on that gene to their children. PGD is a procedure performed in the laboratory by embryologists who test embryos created by IVF for the faulty gene and/or chromosomes. From this testing, only embryos that do not have the […]

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Altrui Sibling Pregnancies with Donor Eggs

When we started Altrui five years ago, it was our plan that we would be able to give people the very best chance of starting a family with the help of an egg donor. Most people arrive at egg donation after a long difficult journey full of heartache and disappointment, but also with hope, and […]

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Altrui’s Egg Donation Information Evening

Last week we held our first information evening for those who were considering using donor eggs. We suspect that this was also the first event to be held in the UK where such a variety of speakers were on hand to cover every aspect of egg donation, both clinical and personal. We held it in […]

Thinking about the numbers in egg donation

So how are you feeling about your eggs? Most women don’t even think about this, especially if we’ve already had children. Move into the world of donation, though, and you quickly notice that it can be dominated by numbers. How many follicles were there? How many eggs were collected? How many embryos developed, and how […]

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