March 24, 2017

Information Evening for Egg Recipients

On Wednesday we held our fourth information evening for recipients. Despite the terrible event at Westminster, an impressive 80 people braved the disruption to come along to hear the speakers and meet the Altrui team. We are extremely grateful to the speakers who gave up their time to talk to the group.

Zoe, one of Altrui’s amazing donors, gave a very clear talk about what led to her deciding to donate her eggs and a first-hand account of just what it is like to go through the egg donation process as a donor. She also described what a great reaction she had received from everyone she knows for volunteering, and urged those needing donated eggs to speak openly about this to encourage other young women to come forward as egg donors.

Dr Anna Carby, a consultant from Boston Place Fertility Clinic, explained the clinical side of the egg donation process in an extremely clear and concise talk covering exactly what happens once donors and recipients are referred to the clinic. Drawing on her personal experience of working with our egg donors, she was able to enlighten the audience about the pathway that donors follow and how this links to the treatment for recipients.

Following her, Dr Virginia Bolton, consultant embryologist from Guys and St Thomas’ ACU, gave a fascinating insight into what happens in the laboratory after egg collection. This is a world that few of us ever get to hear about, and her fluent description of the scientific processes that lead from the eggs being collected from the donor, through the subsequent development of the embryos and blastocysts, to the embryo transfer to the recipient, was fascinating.

Finally Joan, a recipient, gave a very moving account of her personal journey through egg donation from a recipient’s perspective. She talked openly and warmly about their disappointment caused by their own fertility problems and then the struggle to come to terms with what it might be like to have a child from donated eggs. The fact that she was accompanied by her child from that donation brought home the wonderful reality of egg donation and we were left in no doubt that the genetic distinction in no way took away from the fact that to her he was truly her child.

The evening ended with an opportunity for those present to put their own particular questions to the expert panel. We at Altrui loved meeting everyone that came and, judging by the many complimentary comments that we received, they clearly found it extremely helpful to hear first-hand accounts of the different aspects of egg donation.

Thank you once again, to the brilliant speakers and to those of you who came to listen.

Egg Donors make a very Happy Christmas

This week, just before Christmas, we seem to have a huge number of babies born, pregnancies announced and a lot of hopeful couples each matched with one very special donor. But this has been the trend throughout this year. It’s always an exciting time with so much going on, but for these recipients who are […]

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Egg Donation on BBC Radio Tees

We have crazy weeks and crazy weeks here at Altrui and this is usually generated by our fantastic donors. So no surprise that our time has been taken up with the knock on from Zoe and Amelia Abby’s rise to fame and the BBC involvement! Many recipients ask us the question “Why would anyone want […]

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Does gamete donation need an overhaul?

It is disappointing to read about the closure of the National Sperm Bank (NSB) as its success could have helped many more people have a family using UK-donated sperm (see BioNews 875). As has been well documented, in the past it has not been easy to recruit either sperm or egg donors in this country. […]

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Does Smoking Affect Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a great way to help a couple achieve their hopes of becoming parents. Donating the healthiest eggs possible gives a recipient the best chance to become pregnant. Are you a smoker who would like to donate some of your eggs? If you’d like to find out how smoking affects the outcome of […]

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Assumptions people make about older mothers needing an egg donor – often wrong!

As a child I was bullied mercilessly and since then it takes a lot for me to trust people. Being with someone in an intimate way is a huge trust issue and, because of the bullying, I have waited to find that right person. I realised in my early forties that perhaps I needed to […]

Being an Egg Donor can be Life Changing – and not just for the recipient

Donating eggs can totally change the life of a woman (or couple) who would love to be a mother but will never have the chance of having a family without the help of a donor. However, egg donation can itself be equally life changing for some donors, who can find that the process takes her […]

Why some women become altruistic egg donors

Many recipients have themselves been through the IVF process and therefore, although it is different for them, they have an appreciation of what is asked of donors when they donate eggs. So we are frequently asked the same question: “Why do women do this?” “What motivates them?” To answer this question we went back to […]

PGD and Egg Donation

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) with egg donation enables people who have a genetic disorder to avoid passing on that gene to their children. PGD is a procedure performed in the laboratory by embryologists who test embryos created by IVF for the faulty gene and/or chromosomes. From this testing, only embryos that do not have the […]

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Altrui Sibling Pregnancies with Donor Eggs

When we started Altrui five years ago, it was our plan that we would be able to give people the very best chance of starting a family with the help of an egg donor. Most people arrive at egg donation after a long difficult journey full of heartache and disappointment, but also with hope, and […]

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