The Process

Knowing how egg donation works and exactly what is involved in giving eggs, is important. Altrui gives you all the information you need, answers your questions and will be there for you throughout the whole process. You will find that being an Altrui donor is safe, simple, quick and rewarding.

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What are the risks of going through egg donation?

As you are no doubt aware, all types of medical treatments and procedures have some risks associated with them. However

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Does egg donation hurt?

No, donating eggs definitely should not hurt. You will be sedated by an anaesthetist and kept asleep and completely pain

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The first doctors appointment

There really is no need to be alarmed or concerned about your first appointment – or any of the appointments that

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Matching Egg Donors With Recipients

How we will match you as an egg donor with someone Finding you a great match is the really exciting part for us – it&#

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Egg donation treatment cycle

What happens in the lead up to egg donor treatment may vary from place to place, but on the whole, treatment centres

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