Egg recipients

Everything you need to know about finding an altruistic egg donor in the UK

Altrui is small and very unique. We are the only independent organisation in this country who proactively helps couples in need of donated eggs to find an altruistic egg donor right here in the UK.

As Alison, the founder of Altrui, says:

“If I needed donated eggs I know that I would be very fussy about where I went for help and who I trusted to help me. I would have a myriad of questions and would want to be assured that whomever I was dealing with really knew what they were talking about and had the knowledge and experience to do things properly.

Although I admit that primarily I would be looking for a donor who was a great match with me and with whom I felt a connection, I would also be concerned that the donor was being well looked after and cared for and really appreciated for her extraordinary generosity in making such an amazing gesture. I would want to feel that the people I was turning to for help cared enough to get it right for me.

In starting Altrui, that is exactly what I have set out to provide. My aim at all times is to offer exactly what I would want if I was in your position.”

There is no need to go abroad for Egg Donation

Given our high rate of success for finding and matching altruistic egg donors to recipients here in the UK, there is no longer a need for you to go abroad for egg donation – unless you particularly want to. There are many advantages for finding a donor in the UK, and at Altrui we believe it is important for you to be aware of all the facts before you make such an important decision.

Using our extensive experience to find you an Egg Donor

Once you have registered with Altrui, we offer bespoke care and a highly personal approach that is tailored to you as an individual – an approach that has proven extremely effective for the 200+ couples we have already helped. Drawing upon our experience, knowledge and understanding, we take the necessary care to ensure the process remains as easy and straightforward as possible. Our team is here to offer all the support and guidance you might need, from safeguarding your identity and answering questions, to protecting you from the emotional impact of the situation as you proceed.

Exclusive Egg Donation

As we operate a strict ‘one donor to one recipient policy’ donation, when we have found you an egg donor, Altrui guarantees that she will donate her eggs exclusively to you. Safeguarding against clinic intervention – where one donor could be stimulated to produce eggs for more than one couple – ensures that the eggs are of the highest qualify, resulting in the very greatest chance of pregnancy.

Our exclusive one-to-one donor system at Altrui is resulting in fantastic pregnancy rates that are currently well above average.

Fully regulated Egg Donation

Altrui are fully compliant with HFEA regulations and work within the legal and ethical framework of UK regulations. All egg donations take place at specific UK Licensed Treatment Centres where we have an agreement in place.

Before we can actively help you find a donor:

  • EITHER you will need to be registered at one of these Licensed Treatment Centres, and have a patient ID number.
  • OR if you are registered at another another Centre, be prepared to move to one of the Centres with whom we have an agreement.

A personal and professional egg donation service

At Altrui we are here to achieve the best possible outcome for you and the egg donor. Our passionate and caring team work together to offer a highly personal and professional service to help you find the right egg donor to start your family.

Further information can be found in our Reading and Resources section, including suggested reading material and comments from a few of our egg donors and clients about their own egg donation experiences with Altrui.


For further support and advice about becoming a human egg recipient, please feel free to talk to us in total confidence on 01969 667 875