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What if I feel that as a result of donating my eggs there will be a child of mine out there?

While it is not unusual for women contemplating egg donation to have this dilemma, it’s important to remember that a child is a unique and complex individual, with four very different elements that contribute to their development as a person in their own right. While two elements are indeed a child’s genetic inheritance, other important factors are the parental influences and the environment in which they grow. In fact, there are strong arguments that suggest the environment in which the child grows up in has a stronger influence over the person they will become than the genes they inherit.

As you will only be contributing one of those elements, any child conceived from your egg donation will be very different from you and any children that you might have of your own. They will not, in any meaningful sense, be yours. This genetic link is nothing like the same link that is forged by the mother-child bond. This is how one of our donors viewed it:

I very much think about it in terms of when I donated my eggs, I was not at a point in my life where I was trying to get pregnant,” she says. “All I was giving away was the potential of a child and I’d have just had a period – I don’t feel any connection at all to those eggs.”

It’s a bit like the idea of creating a garden from a packet of seeds. They are just seeds until they are planted in soil, watered, given sun, tended and only after time and nurturing might they flower and become a garden. The seeds may contain the genetic blueprint for the flowers, but it is the gardener and the environment that really create the final garden.


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