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How to donate eggs in the UK

Altruistic egg donation is a wonderful, generous and selfless act. It allows a chance to make a real and meaningful difference in the life of another; to give hope to those who have none and offer a precious, life-changing gift that will help make another family complete.

It really is important that you are able to make a fully informed decision about whether egg donation is right for you. As the only organisation in the UK who specialise in finding and looking after altruistic egg donors, Altrui is 100% committed to giving you all the information and support you need to make your egg donation an easy and rewarding experience for all.

More information can be found on other pages and there is a selection of videos in which an Altrui egg donor talks to the experts and asks questions about egg donation. An information pack is also available to download or, if you would just like to talk it through (without any obligation at all), please get in touch directly and we will be happy to have a chat in complete confidence.

Lucy’s egg donation experience

Who can be an egg donor?

Read More about who can be an egg donor

Will I get paid for donating my eggs?

Read more about are egg donor’s paid

Where can I donate my eggs?

Don’t be put off by the fact that we are based in Yorkshire, as this is just our office and you do not need to come to us. We work closely with a number of clinics around the country so there should be one near you. Currently we work with centres in London, Brighton/Hove and near Manchester, and we will be adding others soon. Read More

Why do some women need egg donation?

The ability to have a family and children of our own is something that many of us probably take for granted. But for some women when they try for a baby, they find that they are unable to conceive without the help of another person’s eggs. There are a number of reasons why women who need egg donation are unable to produce their own eggs. Read More

Is donating eggs anonymous?

Confusingly the answer to this question is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as there are two different aspects to consider:

  1. Yes, at the time of donating you are anonymous as far as the recipient couple are concerned
  2. No, any child from your donation has the right to find out your identity when he or she reaches 18 years old

Read More

Will donating my eggs affect my fertility?

Read More

Does donating eggs hurt?

Read More

What are the risks with egg donation?

As you are no doubt aware, all types of medical treatments and procedures have some risks associated with them. However, the risks associated with egg donation are very low, and at the highly respected clinics with which we work, everything possible is done to minimise these risks at every stage.

At your first clinic appointment the doctor will discuss the risks with you and the likelihood of you being affected. If it is felt that you are seriously at risk in anyway then it is unlikely you will be allowed to continue becoming an egg donor. Read More

Is egg donation stressful?

We want to reassure you that there is no reason why you should experience any degree of stress as an altruistic egg donor going through egg donation. If we’re being completely honest, the main stress felt by our egg donors is more likely to be down to any inconvenience caused. The intrusion into your daily life, albeit for a couple of weeks, can sometimes prove difficult, especially if you’re trying to juggle a work and home life at the same time. Read More

Can I donate eggs if I smoke?

Read More

Donate eggs with our care and experience

With over 20 years’ fertility experience at some of the UK’s most respected hospitals, our team at Altrui are perfectly positioned to give you the very best, most up-to-date information, as well as all the advice and guidance you might need when becoming an egg donor. We are fully compliant with HFEA and UK legislation and we only work with those Licensed Centres who we believe have the expertise, knowledge and integrity to keep you safe and well cared for.

If you continue on this journey and choose to donate your eggs here in the UK, we promise to give you all the time, help and support you deserve, to ensure that this time is as special for you as it is for the couple you will be helping.

All the information you need to become an egg donor

Please explore the pages of information via the links on the right of this page and watch videos of an Altrui donor talking to the experts and asking questions about egg donation. Further pages of general information can be found in our ‘Reading and Resources’ section, including a dictionary of terms and some testimonials from a few of our donors and recipients about what it is like to go through egg donation with Altrui; these might be of interest to you.

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Egg Donation Podcast

Alison and one of Altrui’s donors have recently been interviewed by Natalie at Fertility Podcasts.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Fertility Podcast

Call us on 01969 667875 to find out more about egg donation.

For further support and advice about egg donation, please feel free to talk to us in total confidence on 01969 667 875

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