Egg Donors make a very Happy Christmas

23rd December 2016

Pregnant Christmas gift

This week, just before Christmas, we seem to have a huge number of babies born, pregnancies announced and a lot of hopeful couples each matched with one very special donor. But this has been the trend throughout this year.

It’s always an exciting time with so much going on, but for these recipients who are having Christmas being pregnant after a long, hard time, or with a new baby, or a new sibling for another child, it really knocks everything else into a ‘cocked hat’! (Where on earth does that expression come from??)

So, to all you donors who have gone through a cycle, everyone who is matched and all of you who are thinking about being a donor for someone, you really have NO idea just what this means. One recipient couple have written:

“For the first time, we are looking forward to Christmas. I can’t believe that I’m pregnant and I keep rubbing my tummy to make sure I am, but what this pregnancy has given us, including mum, dad and my nan is this feeling of contentment and peace. After all these years, we are there and we can finally enjoy Christmas as a family without feeling miserable, and next year she will be here to spoil. Please, please thank our donor and tell her that she has given us all more than she’ll ever know.”

And thank you too from us all at Altrui. You’re all pretty awesome women 🙂

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and have a Brilliant NEW YEAR


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