Egg Donation on BBC Radio Tees

25th November 2016

We have crazy weeks and crazy weeks here at Altrui and this is usually generated by our fantastic donors. So no surprise that our time has been taken up with the knock on from Zoe and Amelia Abby’s rise to fame and the BBC involvement!

Many recipients ask us the question “Why would anyone want to donate eggs” others say “Are there REALLY people out there who are altruistic?” and “What sort of people want to do this?” These questions are succinctly answered by two of our Altrui donors who, for different reasons, have kindly donated some eggs to recipients.

But both have given even more than they know.

The knock on effect has been an overwhelming response from new donors to Zoe’s blog, Amelia Abby’s articles in the national newspapers – the Mirror, followed by The Sun, which has all resulted in an interview with BBC Tees with Alison and Zoe:

So between them, Zoe and Amelia Abby have done more for raising the awareness that we need egg donors in the UK, that it’s a simple and straight forward process, and that Altrui it the organisation that looks after donors, than anyone else put together.

YES, there ARE women out there who will help and the most massive thanks to you both and all donors thinking about this, for being those special people you are. AWESOME!


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