Does Smoking Affect Egg Donation?

21st October 2016

Egg donation is a great way to help a couple achieve their hopes of becoming parents. Donating the healthiest eggs possible gives a recipient the best chance to become pregnant. Are you a smoker who would like to donate some of your eggs? If you’d like to find out how smoking affects the outcome of egg donation this is for you!

Ideally you need to stop smoking when you are going through the egg donation process because smoking can interfere with fertilisation. If you smoke, nicotine collects in the follicular fluid, that bathes the egg, so the egg wall gets thicker to protect itself against the toxins, making it hard for the sperm to penetrate the wall to fertilise the egg. It takes about 3 months for nicotine to leave your body so even if you have changed to electronic cigarettes don’t forget that these still contain nicotine.

If you are serious about being an egg donor you will be asked to cut down or ideally stop smoking altogether. There is nothing worse than going through the donation process only to find that the eggs are not fertilised at the end of all your hard work. For these reasons you are likely to be asked to stop smoking altogether when going through treatment, or at least to smoke absolutely NO MORE than 3 per day.

If you are thinking about becoming an egg donor it just might be the nudge that will help you to stop altogether and, don’t forget, it will also give your recipients the best possible chance of success and you will be richer and healthier as a result.

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