Assumptions people make about older mothers needing an egg donor – often wrong!

12th October 2016

Fingers crossed - copyright Foxtongue on FlickrAs a child I was bullied mercilessly and since then it takes a lot for me to trust people. Being with someone in an intimate way is a huge trust issue and, because of the bullying, I have waited to find that right person. I realised in my early forties that perhaps I needed to do something about the baby side of things as leaving it any longer could prove too late. I am now 46 years old and the time has come to use the gift of an egg donor. That I very much appreciate.

I hear people talking and read articles in magazines that women who wait until their forties to have their babies must be far more interested in their careers than having families! Some women – Yes … But most of us end up waiting for other reasons, reasons that are personal to each individual. I did read in a national newspaper a few years ago “that women of a certain age should stop waiting for “Mr Right” and settle for “Mr Halfway-Decent”. If “Mr Halfway-Decent” isn’t the right one, then it won’t work! Goes back to the trust-thing. Attitudes like that don’t help at all!

I hope this is of help to other women, those that feel they are in a boat on their own. No … there are some out there who know exactly how you feel. And having a gift from an egg-donor is a marvellous thing. D


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