Altruistic egg donors are special

26th July 2011

An article was written in ‘BioNews’ recently (‘Listen to Donors’) about how important it is to value and respect altruistic egg donors. This is something that we at Altrui feel passionately about. It is so easy to give the impression that egg donors have to fit in with the time scales of the clinics, and merge with the general accepted pattern, that lateral thinking about how to make it as easy as possible for donors, as well as recognising them for this gift they offer, is not often part of the equation.

Altruistic egg donors really encapsulate the best in people. Not only are they kind; they are selfless, committed and really extraordinarily special. Who else would subject themselves to such inconvenience and submit to becoming a patient for the duration? They have their privacy invaded, their motivation questioned and frequently have to wait patiently for appointments.

At Altrui we try to make this whole experience very positive, where the clinics who we work with understand that these really are very special women. We also have pro-active systems in place to support egg donors going through the treatment cycles. We try to ensure that they go through egg donation with minimal inconvenience, receiving the greatest of medical care. Appreciation for being an egg donor needs to come from everyone – the clinical staff, the admin team, and the recipients.

Unless we all make it easy for egg donors, and respect and acknowledge their contribution for the selfless act that it is, we are never going to make headway in enabling couples who long for a family of their own achieve this through egg donation in the UK, and it will continue to be an uphill battle.

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