Getting Egg Donation Right

For you as a donor and for you as a recipient. 

We specialise in finding, matching and looking after altruistic egg donors with one-to-one, anonymous donation. We are proud of the outstanding success rates with Altrui donors, from working in partnership with the best clinicians in this country.

Hundreds of people have realised their hopes of starting, or completing, a family through us.

Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of egg donation and IVF, we guide egg donors and recipients through the process, offering a very personal and unique service.  Our aim is to make the journey simple, quick and safe for the kind women who come forward to donate some of their eggs.

Our dedicated team is committed to making the egg donation process the very best experience for everyone. Your care is paramount at every step of the way, reflecting the Altrui ethos.

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For Donors

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness in donating eggs to couples

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For Recipients

Thanks to the many incredibly generous women in the UK who have donated eggs through Altrui, our egg recipients no

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I have completed my cycle of egg donation. It is something very special, I feel proud to have helped a special couple. It has made my husband and me think about extending our own family further. I would recommend others to help if you can, such a feeling of overwhelming pride, the ultimate gift!
Thank you to Altrui for taking care of me throughout the process.

Gemma - Egg Donor

There are no words to describe the true sense of achievement and happiness that I felt after my donation. To be able to give a couple the most amazing gift of a child and play a part in such a special process was worth every minute of my time. I truly wish the best for my recipient couple and hope that their pregnancy is a smooth and successful one, bringing a child that answers all of their prayers.

Leanne - Egg Donor

Altrui have been very supportive. I am very happy to have been through the process of egg donation with a group of professionals who care so genuinely about both the donors and the couple seeking fertility treatment. It’s a very emotional time for both sides and Altrui fully understand this.

Phillipa - Egg Donor

We were amazed when Alison contacted us within a matter of weeks and said she had a donor for us. After all the tests and counselling etc., the actual egg transfer took place about six months later and I became pregnant. We now have a lovely little fella who is 4 weeks old and we are overjoyed.

Lisa - Egg Recipient

My husband and I would like to express our immense happiness and gratitude to Altrui for their assistance during our difficult journey to become parents. This has been for us a difficult but wonderful experience that has enabled our dream to become mother and father to come true. Thank you very much Altrui.

Sylva - Egg Recipient

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Why do some women need egg donors?

The ability to have a family and children of our own is something that many of us probably take for granted. But for some women when they try for a baby, they find that they are unable to become pregnant without the help of another womans eggs. There are a number of reasons why women […]

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Are there risks in Egg Donation? Ask Us!

In a nutshell, they are minimal for donors. All types of medical treatments and procedures have some risks associated with them, however the risks associated with egg donation are extremely low. At the highly respected clinics with which we work, everything is done to minimise these risks at every stage of the process. At your […]

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The 2017 Fertility Show

Reading the advanced information about this year’s Fertility Show, we were struck about how little information there was about finding an egg donor in the UK. It appeared that the majority of the stands were taken by clinics from overseas promoting egg donation in their country, but almost nothing at all from the UK. We […]

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Altrui Information Evening

Tuesday evening (17th October) in Central London gave potential egg recipients the unique chance to hear from a panel of speakers who gave unparalleled insights into egg donation. A last minute addition to the programme was Sophie, conceived from donated eggs and now 18, who came with her mum and offered her experiences of what […]

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What will I know about the recipient I’m matched with

How many appointments will I need

Is egg donation painful

Will I get to know happens as a result of my donation

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