Getting Egg Donation Right

For you as a donor, for you as a recipient and for your future child.

We specialise in finding, matching and looking after altruistic egg donors with one-to-one, anonymous donation. We are proud of the outstanding success rates with Altrui donors, from working in partnership with the best clinicians in this country.

Our whole ethos at Altrui is not just to get egg donation right for our donors and recipients but, most importantly, for any child, or children, that may be born as a result. Whilst we are fully focused on helping our recipients to get pregnant, we also look longer term to consider what is best for any future children, which is why we have taken such care in planning the way Altrui works and what makes us so different.

Hundreds of people have realised their hopes of starting, or completing, a family through us.

Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of egg donation and IVF, we guide egg donors and recipients through the process, offering a very personal and unique service.  Our aim is to make the journey simple, safe and rewarding for the kind women who come forward to donate some of their eggs.

Our dedicated team is committed to making the egg donation process the very best experience for everyone. Your care is paramount at every step of the way, reflecting the Altrui ethos.

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For Donors

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness in donating eggs to couples

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For Recipients

Thanks to the many incredibly generous women in the UK who have donated eggs through Altrui, our egg recipients no

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Maybe bit more emphasis on how time consuming the process is, would have been helpful. If the ACU is not very local then travel arrangements around work commitments can be difficult.

Lara - Egg Donor

Being a donor felt amazing. To be able to give a couple the family they dream of. It was worth every step I went through to know that I had changed their lives. I would and have recommended this to many of my female friends and would do this again.

Shinnara - Egg Donor

The staff at Altrui were amazing from my first initial enquiry, throughout the time of matching, appointments and even afterwards with aftercare advice. They were always available when I needed them and they checked in regularly to find out how I was. The entire process was very smooth. I cannot fault them on their professionalism, or any of it. I’m very grateful to them and I will hopefully donate again in the future through them.

Claire - Egg Donor

I absolutely loved the personal touch and it made me realise how much me donating means to the couple. I now cross all my fingerss and toes that this works for them! If you are thinking of donating, Altrui and my fertility centre are the best! I also have to mention that the nurse who looked after me was amazing, I had lots of questions and did email her quite a bit and she always responded in good time!

Sarah - Egg Donor

Altrui have made my dream of being a donor possible with the best care and support during the whole process from start to finish. Very friendly and informative staff that go above and beyond for you, respecting all aspects of your reasons and wishes. Altrui has been excellent throughout the whole time.

Kelly - Egg Donor

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We were thrilled to have been featured in a very special edition of the Fertility Podcast. In the episode, host and founder Natalie Silverman is joined by three women to discuss their experience of donating their eggs through Altrui. The Fertility Podcast is the UK’s leading podcast on fertility issues. Aiming to empower individuals who […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week: End the Stigma

Today marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week. The campaign was originally started by the Mental Health Foundation in 2010, with the aim of creating as much dialogue as possible around mental health. The awareness week has covered various topics ranging from loneliness and altruism to sleep, depression, relationships and stress. For us, Mental […]

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Egg Donation: An Act of Kindness to Consider

When it comes to donation, unsung heroes make hugely meaningful, life-changing contributions every day – from the selfless donation of blood, bone marrow or organs, to fundraising and volunteering of all kinds, to the financial donations which make vital research and aid possible. It’s these efforts that save, extend or enhance peoples’ lives all across […]

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An egg with a difference

Easter is just around the corner and, for Altrui, that means several things – Bank Holidays and relaxing, plenty of chocolate, and an irresistible opportunity to “chat eggs”. If you’d like to find out more about being an egg donor, please send us a message by email or call us on 01969 667875  – we’d love […]

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What will I know about the recipient I’m matched with

How many appointments will I need?

Is egg donation painful

Will I know what happens as a result of my donation?

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