Getting Egg Donation Right

For you as a donor, for you as a recipient and for your future child.

We specialise in finding, matching and looking after altruistic egg donors with one-to-one, anonymous donation. We are proud of the outstanding success rates with Altrui donors, from working in partnership with the best clinicians in this country.

Our whole ethos at Altrui is not just to get egg donation right for our donors and recipients but, most importantly, for any child, or children, that may be born as a result. Whilst we are fully focused on helping our recipients to get pregnant, we also look longer term to consider what is best for any future children, which is why we have taken such care in planning the way Altrui works and what makes us so different.

Hundreds of people have realised their hopes of starting, or completing, a family through us.

Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of egg donation and IVF, we guide egg donors and recipients through the process, offering a very personal and unique service.  Our aim is to make the journey simple, safe and rewarding for the kind women who come forward to donate some of their eggs.

Our dedicated team is committed to making the egg donation process the very best experience for everyone. Your care is paramount at every step of the way, reflecting the Altrui ethos.

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For Donors

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness in donating eggs to couples

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For Recipients

Thanks to the many incredibly generous women in the UK who have donated eggs through Altrui, our egg recipients no

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I would definitely recommend Altrui for anyone looking to do egg donation. I felt like they were there for me through every step of the way, even at my emotional times! But at the same time gave me the space to get through things if I needed to on my own. It was so easy to contact someone on the team and I always had a reply! Also expenses were convered on the same day of purchase, there was never a delay! Had a great experience with them!

Stacey - Egg Donor

I have completed my cycle of egg donation. It is something very special, I feel proud to have helped a special couple. It has made my husband and me think about extending our own family further. I would recommend others to help if you can, such a feeling of overwhelming pride, the ultimate gift!
Thank you to Altrui for taking care of me throughout the process.

Gemma - Egg Donor

The support Altrui have given me throughout my donation journey has been outstanding and I truly can’t thank [the team] enough for all their help and guidance from start to finish. I’ve always wanted to help a couple have a family of their own especially after witnessing the heartache my friends fertility issues put her through so I then desperately wanted to make a dream come true. I truly hope that it’s the start of a very exciting journey for my recipient. I couldn’t have done any of this without Altrui! They’ve helped me do something I’ll cherish forever whilst helping me overcome a few fears on the way too. Thank you Altrui for being the lovely team that you are, you do a great job.

Sadie - Egg donor

Probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to help another couple create their very own family. Not only that, but what I have learned from the entire process about myself and fertility are invaluable!

Liz - Egg donor

Both my husband and I have found working with Altrui a quick, stress free process. Alison and her husband were delightful and understanding. We cannot believe how quickly a donor was found, it has been a long emotional journey to get to Altrui and it was such a relief to find a calm, understanding environment and an easy ending to what has been a complicated road to finding a donor.

Sara - Egg Recipient

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Mental Health Awareness Week: End the Stigma

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An egg with a difference

Easter is just around the corner and, for Altrui, that means several things – Bank Holidays and relaxing, plenty of chocolate, and an irresistible opportunity to “chat eggs”. If you’d like to find out more about being an egg donor, please send us a message by email or call us on 01969 667875  – we’d love […]

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