Getting Egg Donation Right

For you as a donor, for you as a recipient and for your future child.

We specialise in finding, matching and looking after altruistic egg donors with one-to-one, anonymous donation. We are proud of the outstanding success rates with Altrui donors, from working in partnership with the best clinicians in this country.

Our whole ethos at Altrui is not just to get egg donation right for our donors and recipients but, most importantly, for any child, or children, that may be born as a result. Whilst we are fully focused on helping our recipients to get pregnant, we also look longer term to consider what is best for any future children, which is why we have taken such care in planning the way Altrui works and what makes us so different.

Hundreds of people have realised their hopes of starting, or completing, a family through us.

Using our extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of egg donation and IVF, we guide egg donors and recipients through the process, offering a very personal and unique service.  Our aim is to make the journey simple, safe and rewarding for the kind women who come forward to donate some of their eggs.

Our dedicated team is committed to making the egg donation process the very best experience for everyone. Your care is paramount at every step of the way, reflecting the Altrui ethos.

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For Donors

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness in donating eggs to couples

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For Recipients

Thanks to the many incredibly generous women in the UK who have donated eggs through Altrui, our egg recipients no

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The whole process was great and fitted into my life easily. The team at Altrui and the clinic were amazing and made me feel well looked after. I feel so privileged that I have had the opportunity to do this. The other great thing was how open and honest Altrui and the clinic have been about the process and the future of the eggs I have donated. I really feel part of something incredible and even though my part is now over, I still feel very looked after and informed.

Melissa - Egg donor

If you are considering egg donation think about it first but also remember that you are giving a family something that they have wanted for years, something that doesn’t have a price on it, something that they will cherish every second of their lives, what an amazing journey.
Thank you!

Chanice - Egg Donor

Our son was born two days ago. He is absolutely perfect. We’ve been enjoying getting to know him and being a family. I can’t tell you how happy we are ;0) Thank you once again for all your help and especially to our donor – there is just no way to put how we feel into words.

Caroline - Egg Recipient

I have just successfully donated my first lot of eggs and found it to be a very rewarding experience and nowhere near as difficult as I first thought it would be. The worst parts are the taste of the nasal spray, but a sweet or drink sorts that out, and the injection which doesn’t really hurt that much – I found it was more in my head, the thought of doing it was a lot worse than the deed itself.

Jane - Egg Donor

Donating through Altrui was brilliant. The ladies are all so friendly and I felt like I could speak to them if I ever had a problem. They are forever telling me how wonderful I am for donating, but they definitely made it easier for me by being so supportive. I feel like I am able to ask them anything at anytime and they would be supportive and understanding.

Toni - Egg Donor

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Does egg donation affect my contraception?

If you are thinking about being a donor, you may be asked to change your contraception at some point. These are the ones that are hormonally based – the Mirena coil, Implant or injection as they can give false readings on tests and interfere with the development of the eggs in the donation cycle. The […]

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Altrui Fertility

There is so much news in the media about fertility that we think you’ll find it helpful, as recipients, to hear about current fertility issues in one place… So we have launched a Facebook page to keep you updated: ‘Altrui Fertility‘. Altrui receives information about the latest research, developments and changes that frequently take time […]

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Donor Conception Network’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Altrui had the honour of being invited to the House of Lords on Tuesday 17th April to an evening reception by the DCN (Donor Conception Network) who are celebrating the 25th anniversary of founding the Network. With massive security in place, and London gridlocked due to the CHoGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting), we arrived […]

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Research by Cambridge University on Egg Donors’ Experiences

Are you going through egg donation, have been an egg donor, or have tried and for one reason or another cannot continue? If so, Lucy a Cambridge university researcher would love to hear from you as she is doing a study on your opinions and thoughts about egg donation. Why this study is being done. […]

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What will I know about the recipient I’m matched with

How many appointments will I need

Is egg donation painful

Will I get to know happens as a result of my donation

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